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Mr. Nissan,
I congratulate you, and thank you, for your perseverance in standing up for what is honorable and legitimate, for each of us and our children. 
NMC's attempt to leverage their size and importance (as it is the Asian way), will not be tolerated.
I will post your information for everyone I know to read and boycott their products.
Kena Galvan
As a small business owner that happens to own around 20 websites (Some Active and some not) I was very much upset when reading about this legal case over the ownership of the Nissan Website. 
The interesting thing about this is that I found this information when looking for information about the new Nissan Juke vehicle which I saw at the local dealership and I am in the market for a new compact SUV.
I consider myself a person of high morals and hate when big companies try to take advantage of the little guy. With that said I am also a person that spends my money with those that I feel have high morals of business. 
The local nissan dealership is a great operation and I really liked my salesman, I hate to punish the dealership by not doing business with them based on what I have read but most likely that is what I will do.
I was leaning towards the purchase of a JUKE or a ROUGE but now I may push Honda or VW to the top of the list and drop the idea of getting a new Nissan.
Nissan, if you take the high road vs. taking legal actions against the little guys in the world you would earn the respect of the American public. 
It seems pretty obvious that Mr. Nissan did nothing to deserve what he got with this legal action ! 
John Parsley
I was actually looking into a new Nissan Motor vehicle when this came up in discussion with a group of friends.  Well I have changed my direction in my search of an automobile and will make sure I don't buy anything Nissan Motors has its hands dipped into.
I figure by not purchasing a $30,000 car from them that is the best possible gain I can give to the cause. 
Does the fact that Nissan's CEO is a Lebanese Arab have anything to do with how doggedly they've pursued this case against an Israeli Jew? It seems such a waste of resources on their part. 
John Boustani
I happened across story regarding the lawsuit placed by Nissan Motor Company Japan against Nissan Computer USA. This is another classic example of a major corporation using the dysfunctional American legal system to take advantage of the individuals and small businessman. 
I had previously intended to purchase a Nissan LEAF, but after reading this story have decided to wait for a competitor's electric car instead. 
I will ensure that I share this story with everyone I know, to help fight against these disdainful behaviors.
I admire Nissan Computer for refusing to back down in this fight against the larger, richer, and less admirable opponent. 
Mr. Tolbert
Before jumping on the "Bash the Legal System" bandwagon, consider this outcome as proof of America's greatness, INCLUDING her legal system, anchored as it is in our enlightened Constitution. Some have asked "What was Nissan Motors thinking when they went after Uzi?" Perhaps they were thinking the Constitution was simply a dead museum relic and America was really no different than virtually every other nation, where the strong oppress the weak, where might makes right, where the rich & powerful live above the law.
They were wrong.
Human nature being what it is, there is no way to insure that bullies will not attack and that attack often begins in the trial courts. Here, the outcome was sadly similar to what would have occurred anywhere: Round 1 to the rich and powerful. BUT in what other country would you encounter a principle-centered defense of individual rights regardless of social rank or power BY THE HIGHER COURTS (including THE highest court in the land)?
Only in America, God bless her!
So please think twice about trashing a legal system that, with all its imperfections, still keeps the doors open for the little guy--a concept utterly incomprehensible to oppressors worldwide. THAT is why they are committed to her destruction.
Liberty is an affront and a threat to those who would force others to submit to their will. May we remain determined to live free or die. 
Law Prof.
I was going to to research a new car. however, after reading your story it made me ill to think of buying a car from a company supporting the behavior of these lawyers and this suit against you. They should accept that you used the name for business long before they did.
I will be researching other car makers now. Good luck with your case. Nissan Motor Company's bullying just lost this potential customer. 
Daryl Knowles
I reached your site looking for Nissan Motors, but as soon as your site came up, it was obvious that your business was completely separate, and owned fair and square. I was not confused about their brand, and their trademark wasn't "diluted" in any way.
The clothing seller American Apparel deals with the same issue without trying to crush a small business. Nissan Motors' own bullying does far more damage to their brand than you ever have.
Words don't belong to anyone.
Keep fighting the good fight! 
John Murchison
This is totally outrageous!
I am so angry that this is happening in the United States Of America. I will never buy a Nissan Automobile and will urge anyone I know to do the same. 
Melissa Bates
I was looking for Nissan motors to find more information about the Leaf (electric car) and came across this information about Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer.  I would have no problem correcting my search from Nissan to Nissan motors.
Nissan Motors is not being a good corporate citizen and I will therefore NOT PURCHASE any Nissan products. I will wait for Toyota or Honda to produce an electric car instead. I am in the market for a new car and electric (its range) fits my needs.
This law suite is a total shame. I'm posting this on my Facebook. 
Alan Huntley
Nissan Motor Corp., 
After reading this thoroughly researched and written statements/documentation... etc. I will also boycott NMC. I will pass this note along to my fellow family members and friends about you exploiting our country's court system and our tax payer's money.
NO Relief fund for you 2010 - ?
I feel sorry for those who work for Nissan Motor Corp., Renault Corp... and those related to Nissan Motor Corp. By continuing this frivolous act of "bullying" a small business, the consumers will not stand by this.
I hope you have the decency to pull out of this matter and rectify your image by being better than that. 
By the way I too was looking for a Nissan/Infinite as a future vehicle. But after understanding your ethics/intentions/moral of harming a small business, you just lost another future customer. 
Mr. Uzi Nissan, hang in there and fight-on! ^_^ 
Jane C. - San Jose, California
Funny I was looking to buy a Nissan and came to your web page. After reading about the strong armed tactics they used on you, I will be looking 
else where for a vehicle. I wonder how many sales Nissan has lost over this pointless dispute. 
I was actually thinking about purchasing a new Nissan vehicle until I read this report. In my humble opinion the larger corporate entities of the world have no regard for anyone other than themselves. These same companies are the ones that overcharge us time and time again for inferior products, and then just expect us to sit back and take it.
I will say that no longer is Nissan a choice as far as a new vehicle for my family and myself. Any large company that could even pretend they own the name Nissan when it certainly belongs to a person whose name it TRULY is should be blackballed from using any domain name or company name that belongs to a person.  I think it is totally ludicrous for a large company such as Nissan to think its OK to try and bankrupt a smaller company over a name that was clearly theirs well before Datsun changed its name to Nissan.
I would hope and pray that some judge somewhere has the foresight and thoughtfulness to see what the larger corporate Nissan is trying to do to the smaller business man and offer a 10 million dollar judgment to the person and company they are so desperate to bankrupt.
Maybe if enough people BOYCOTT Nissan (the car company) they would see that sometimes principle is worth much more than anything else.. especially to TRUE Americans. I would hope that ALL Americans would simply BOYCOTT Nissan, (the car company), and just buy a GM or Toyota...
Michael Gevedon
I support Mr. Uzi Nissan in his struggle against Nissan Motors. In my opinion Nissan Motors is engaging in sleazy and disreputable behavior.
Not only will I never purchase a Nissan vehicle but I will discourage anyone I know from purchasing a Nissan vehicle as well. Shame on you Nissan Motors.
Uzi - you should really get some press coverage. This should be brought to wide public attention to embarrass Nissan Motors and encourage the public to boycott their products. See what that guitarist did to United Airlines by writing the song United Breaks Guitars and posting it on Youtube. That got them to pay attention to remedy the situation. 
Dan Goldman
Currently I own a 98 Nissan 200SX - it's been a great car actually - but being 12 years old now I am obviously in the market for a new car. Since it has been good to me, I've been considering another Nissan. Not any more.
I'm glad I came across this site... I will tell every person I know to read about this.
Let's put Nissan Motors out of business. 
Dave M.
I am about to get a new car. I was between a Nissan Altima, Subaru Legacy, Toyota RAV4 and a Honda CRV. This story has made my decision easier. I already had trepidations about Toyota because of the recent recalls. Now after reading this, I have eliminated Nissan. I cannot in good conscience purchase a 
car from such a corporate bully. I am voting with my wallet. And I will spread the word. Voting with our wallets is the only thing that big companies understand and makes them take consumers seriously. 
Suzanne Spivak
Disgusting. That's the only word I have for the behavior of Nissan Motor. I don't even have a word for how stupid the lawyers in the Nissan Motors camp are.
Wow. I will NEVER purchase a Nissan vehicle and I will campaign in my little circle of friends and family to avoid any erroneous future purchases by them.
To Nissan Motors: Here's how you make this right.
1) Pay back Mr. Nissan all of his legal expenses INCLUDING INTEREST.
2) Pay for the domain name you want (if Mr. Nissan wants to settle at all.) 
There you go. Simple. 
Jeff Saylor
I was looking to buy a nissan, I thought I'd try to check and then navigate from there to the Australian site. Good thing I went to the site, now I know more about nissan motors.
I'm not buying nissan now, I'll stick with Toyota, already have my 3rd Toyota, now going on 4th.
Will also spread the news here in Australia. 
Nissan Motors,
After reading how much BS you have put Mr. Nissan through, just to obtain his domain name, I would NEVER consider purchasing an auto from Nissan Motors. In the 'old' days when a domain name was wanted, but was owned by someone else, the one who wanted the name would make the owner an offer to purchase it. Having read how Nissan Motor's has gone about obtaining the domain name puts a new spin on it, however, and frankly, Nissan Motors, I DO GIVE A DAMN!! 
Norma Loth
TO Nissan Motor Cars, This is just a brief note to let you know that you have lost a potential customer FOR LIFE. Your outright ATTACK on an American small business, that has been using the Nissan name in the US for longer than you have, is reprehensible. I will do my best to educate any one I know that might be planning to purchase one of your cars of your inexcusable attack on an innocent business. Just because you have the deeper pockets does not mean that you have the right to assault small business.
Gregoryy Degen
We have a NISSAN since 1998 in SPAIN.
But... my last NISSAN.
Good luck 
Antonio Armada
Well, Nissan Motors lost another sale. I will look elsewhere after reading about their economic terrorism. This action speaks of the greedy corporate and legal morons in-charge.
I'll never consider a Nissan car again. 
J. Hoffman
My Family will never buy an automobile from a foreign manufacturer that would not only deprive an American of his rights, but to attempt to run that American into the dirt with lawsuits is a true reflection of the spirit of corporations!!
Let every American see this story and reflect on its importance, you sir are a true American and I applaud your efforts.
Unfortunately most Americans would have given up at the word lawsuit
Shannon Strickland
Dear Nissan Motor Co., 
I recently heard of Nissan Motor Company's disagreement with Nissan Computer and I was greatly disheartened. I have been driving Nissan (and Datsuns) for the last 25 years and I was so upset when I heard that Nissan Motor is suing Nissan Computer.
This is HIS family name! Why on earth would ANYONE want to go AGAINST someone's family?! 
I'm astonished and highly disappointed by the immaturity displayed by Nissan Motor. 
We will NEVER drive another Nissan car again, and I will be telling each and every one of my friends never to consider buying another Nissan car again. What a terrible way to lose customer confidence, especially from a company I trusted for so many years. Nissan Motor Co, you should be ASHAMED of yourselves. You're letting big business get in the way of what I thought you always stood for: integrity. 
Again, I'm greatly disappointed by the actions of Nissan Motor Co against Nissan Computer
Joe S.
After reading about your attempts to destroy this man's business, I have decided to avoid all Nissan Cars. I 
currently own an Altima, but I assure you that it will be the last Nissan I own. Any and all advertising you spend on me will be wasted. 
I also intend to tell all of my friends about my plans, and about how I came to this decision. 
I, for one, have grown tired of all this corporate bullying. Time for a change. 
T. Cooper - Soon to be former Nissan car owner.
I came to "" planning to pay a placeholder fee of $99 for reserving my place in line to buy a new Nissan LEAF electric car. Now after reading up on the controversy here I am so saddened that Nissan Motor Corp. is the company coming out with the car I am so interested in buying. 
Maybe I'll just have to keep buying gas for awhile longer... other car companies will not be far behind, I'm sure, and perhaps some of the first generation bugs will be worked out in subsequent models. 
I am incredibly eager to get off petroleum, but not eager to buy a Nissan car after reading up on this.
I think Nissan Motors just lost a $30,000 sale. 
Barbara Chandler
Dear Nissan Motor:
I believe you should truly be ashamed of your behavior. Unfortunately, in business, you sometimes win, and you sometimes lose. When you lose, the proper thing to do is walk away respectfully, not attempt every underhanded tactic in the world to get back at the winner. I believe your conduct and the manner in which you have treated Nissan Computer Co. is shameful and while I was currently in the market for a new vehicle, will be avoiding any vehicle manufactured by Nissan or one of its subsidiaries.
Do the right thing, leave Nissan Computer alone!
Aaron Woodwell
Between my wife and I, we have owned 5 Nissan/Infiniti vehicles over the last 10 years. We were prepared to trade in our I35 for a new Maxima, but during the start of our research, we came across this website. We are very disappointed with Nissan Motor's actions against Mr. Nissan, so much so that we have decided to change our normal routine and buy anything but Nissan/Infiniti .
No one likes a bully! Just shameful! 
Chris M - Halifax NS
Have been seriously planning to be an early purchaser of a Nissan Leaf when available in Australia in 2012. Absolutely no way, I'll ever give any of my hard earned money to a corporate pariah like Nissan.
They can go blow in the wind! 
Steven Capell
I was trying to visit Nissan auto website, but ended up at Nissan Computer's. Normally when this happens, I search for the correct website using my favorite search engine and access the correct site within 60 seconds. This time was different... I saw the Nissan vs. Nissan lawsuit link and decided to read as it looked interesting.
After reading... I'm a bit shocked. I can't believe a company the size of Nissan Motors is risking its reputation with the American people for the sole reason that it wants to own a URL. I was going to Nissan's website to look for information on the new Nissan Leaf... it's all-electric car. Now I've spent 30 minutes reading and writing an email and haven't learned anything about their new car.
If anything, I'm a bit put off by their strong-arm tactics in trying to get this website URL. Am I still interested in a Leaf... probably so since there aren't any other all-electric cars as of now. But by the time I'm ready to buy one, if there are others to choose from by other auto companies... I can honestly say I will be looking at my other options and I will not forget what I have read here today as it pertains to Nissan Motors and how they have gone about trying to intimidate a smaller company and force them into giving up their domain name. 
Brandon Griffin
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