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I stumbled upon this website when I wanted to go to Nissan motor's website to check out the new all electric "LEAF".  I've had two Nissans and loved them both.
But now that I know what kind of company they 'really' are, I will never purchase another Nissan for the rest of my life. I don't care how good of a car they build.
Good luck to you Mr. Uzi Nissan. I hope your "David" can fell their "Goliath" at least down to size for their 
corporate bullying of you. They should be ashamed of themselves. Whatever happened to Japanese "honor"? It seems they have none. 
Nissan get a life! Stumbled across this website looking at new Nissan cars. Oh...gee... Nissan motors now sells
Seriously did you think that people would not use Google to find you?
Stop this corporate bullying. Give Uzi Nissan a decent payout for his domain name and also pay for the legal expenses incurred in defending his name and hire him!
He has more guts than any of your 'executives' and at the very least can be used to fix your reputation as being a bunch of nitwits that have noting better to do than to drag this out and waste tax payer's dollars on needless court proceedings.
Also, think of what will happen if you did think that people will just shut-up! You will loose, your competitors will use this against you. Hell some may even finance this just to waste your time!
As for me, I will NEVER purchase a car manufactured by nissan or its parent holding company either.
Ashley Tanna
This is indeed disturbing. I am a Nissan enthusiast and member of a nissan club in my country. was going to check for new models when I chanced upon this site.
I will have to think twice now... 
Patrick Yu
Shame on you Nissan Motors, I will help spread the word about this case as best I can and will not own another vehicle made by your company. 
Pedro Rodriguez
THANK YOU for alerting me to this antisocial behavior by Nissan Motors. I was looking for the Nissan Motors website because I am car shopping. But now that I know what kind of people Nissan Motors really are, and what they are doing to internet fairness for everyone, I will have nothing to do with them.
Nissan Motors is acting very childish. Nissan Motors needs a timeout and a nap.
Little selfish baby, that is what Nissan Motors is. Shame! Shame on Nissan Motors.
John Doss
This behavior by Nissan Motors is completely unacceptable and rather appalling. They dropped the ball and were not on top of registering the domain name first. The current registrar had a legitimate reason for registering the name and even if he had not prior registered the computer company (As I believe he did), he has the right to register the name as it is his surname. As long as he is not using it to mislead customers that he is tied to Nissan Motors he is in the right. Nissan Motors clearly is trying to bully their way to obtain this domain name and most would have caved under the financial pressure which is what they expect and want and they do not care weather it is right or wrong. I am currently in the market for a vehicle and the Nissan 350z was in my short list. It has now been removed. 
I will not support a company that tries to bully a legitimate small business because next time it may be my small business. I applaud Nissan Computer and only hope they can continue this battle to retain what is rightfully theirs. 
James Jamieson
Actually, I just went to, excited about the New LEAF, seeking ALL the information I can find, with FULL intent of buying one, as soon as possible.
However, after learning of Nissan Motors treatment of this matter, I am left with a very sour taste in my mouth. Nissan Motors, it is wrong, what you are doing, and you KNOW it. I am willing to commit to postponing my pursuit of a Nissan Auto, until such time that you end this, in favor of Mr. Uzi Nissan.
Furthermore, I will ask as many people as I can, to watch this story. PLEASE, do the right thing. Either you negotiate a settlement acceptable to Mr. Uzi Nissan, IF he is willing, or leave him alone, forever.
Thank you! 
Samuel Davis
Good to know that the "bullies" still have no shame.
Happened on this site in my search for information on buying a new 2010 Nissan SUV - - 
It is NOT happening now!! 
Nick Ondarza
I was looking at new cars. I checked out the website of Toyota and BMW. I was trying to locate Nissan when I stumbled upon the information about their lawsuit against Nissan Computer company. How awful!
I stopped my search after learning about that. I want nothing to do with a company who bullies small businesses like myself.
I will never purchase a Nissan bases on their company's ethics and practice. I hope Mr. Nissan wins any verdict over the "Nissan Corp".
Thank you and good luck. 
Jessica Lampert
I am the current owner of a Nissan Titan LE. I was seriously considering buying a new 2010 version until I stumbled across the NISSAN.COM web site. After reading the facts presented there, I will NOT buy a new Nissan Titan but rather will look to Toyota for my new truck. Needless to say, I will not consider purchase of another Nissan vehicle based on Nissan's behavior - very, very deplorable!!! 
Curt von Mosch
Wow. This is the second time I've been to this site. I was here a few years ago. I applaud Uzi Nissan for his amazing, long suffering stand for justice. My heart just goes out to you as this silly lawsuit is still going! What a waste of time, energy, money and resources. I have always liked the Nissan cars, but after reading this, I truly cannot purchase a Nissan car in good conscience. Sad...we'll have to make a different choice. It is my small way of standing with you. I'm also going to put this on my blog. Why would a corporation pursue this? Is it really going to help their business to own It is so obvious that Uzi Nissan is in the right ethically and legally. Thank you very much for standing firm for truth and justice. I admire your courage! I pray the Lord God brings peace and justice to you soon! 
Michelle Gephart
I was considering buying Nissan as my next car. And now I am not. 
This is my small contribution to win the fight of Nissan Computer. I admire your courage and resolve.
Alex A. - California
I mean really what do there people want you to do Mr. Nissan? Give up your family name and adopt a new one? These days people can purchase a website domain name for a fee, that they both agree on, but to force you to give it up like this is way too wrong.. no matter how deep their pockets are.
Well Nissan motors I am not buying your NAVARA anymore, your attitude sucks!! 
I cannot believe that Nissan Motor Corp is harassing a small business because it used the family name in business BEFORE Nissan cars were known as "Nissan".
I think their behavior is absurd, and their budget compared to Nissan Computer is unlimited, thus trying to drag the case on until Mr. Nissan gets tired of it all.
I hope Mr. Nissan does NOT give up.
I will NEVER buy another Datsun (I mean Nissan) car again, and have let my family, friends, and coworkers know about this abusive behavior.
Nissan Motors actions really sicken me. 
Alan Segal
Nissan Motor Company has lost all future sells from me and my family. I now see Nissan Motor Company as nothing more than a corporate bully that I hope will lose the support of the American people for their actions.
I will never look at a Nissan vehicles in a positive light again. 
Kenneth Campbell
I am aware of this issue since the early days when it started. Nissan Motors apparently missed the "pulse of time", they were not "quick" enough to reserve the proper domain.
In addition, they appear not to have contacted Nissan Computer in order to work out a "deal".
This is the main reason why I would never buy a Nissan.
Rick Masters
This is ridiculous,
with all the lawyer fees Nissan wasted on this 10 year long lawsuit, they could have offered half that money to Mr. Nissan to buy his domain name, offer him "" instead, and everybody would be happy!
But no, at this point Nissan is doing this to save face, because their legal department is embraced that they can't crush an honest American small business man despite throwing money into the conflict. Nissan Motors will never learn their lesson, and until then I would not buy a Nissan or any of its parent company's cars (Renault)
Gus Andersen
I was looking at purchasing a Nissan 370Z coupe... It was a decision between it or the Toyota Prius. I have always been a Toyota guy, except for the Nissan 240 SX SE I purchased years ago. But thanks to your website, I will not support Corporate America and all their entitlements. Just because Nissan has the name, doesn't mean on the internet they are entitled to NISSAN.COM. I will go back to looking at the Prius, better gas mileage and more FREEDOM FRIENDLY to the people of the FREE world! You want, NISSAN, then BUY IT! That's capitalism plain and simple... Its the American way.
Nissan better hope I'm not on the court ever... I will rule against them and their corporate high-jacking of FREEDOM! I will never purchase a Nissan ANYTHING EVER AGAIN! 
Terry Pannell
I was actually trying to get to Nissan's site to compare some models vs. some Hondas and Toyotas and various others I'm currently looking into... After seeing this, I won't be considering Nissans for now... Shame as they do have a pretty solid reputation for their vehicles, but they will not get my money with this kind of "lawsuit."
The bottom line is that Nissan car company did not own the internet domain before Uzi Nissan did. First come, first serve; just because Datsun decided to change their name, does not entitle them to the domain name just because they're a very large company with tons of money. To try to sue Mr. Nissan for owning the domain first when you want it is ridiculous. The proper thing would be to offer Uzi Nissan a buyout for the domain that HE purchased FIRST, and he still has every right to refuse if he chooses.
Sean P.
Keep up the good fight, it has been many years I have gone not purchasing a Nissan over this. Is there a donation page or something to help you fight Nissan Motors? 
Ryan Allen
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