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Dear Mr. Nissan,
Three years ago, I went car shopping, and came across your site while researching the Nissan G35. I was appalled by your story documented there! To be fair, I searched the Nissan Motor website for any sort of rebuttal, but found none. I resolved not to purchase Nissan products; rather, I leased a Lexus for 3 years.
Last month, I again did my due diligence to replace my Lexus. To be honest, the Nissan G37 was the closest match to my needs. However, after once again reviewing your website, I see that the Nissan Motor Company has not changed its bullying ways. I am now perfectly happy with my Acura TL!
I share my auto shopping experience with my friends, colleagues, and students; I canít imagine they will have a good feeling about buying a Nissan, either.
Thank you for your courage in this fight.
Max Carter
I am about to buy a car, I was in doubt Honda vs. Nissan, but I found that Nissan have a lot of issues with the models I can afford and in anyway I decided to get Honda, I was curious what models Nissan have and I went to, now after reading this I say NO MORE NISSAN MOTORS FOR ME!
I wish you good luck Uzi Nissan, and best of luck in the future, you'll need it.
Just read the pages of legal filings involving Nissan Motors. I was planning on purchasing a rather expensive car from them this fall with my bonus check but after reading the legal docs I am re-thinking that choice. I already own a Ford so maybe I will stay with an American company. 
Good luck with the rest of the fight. 
I was going out this weekend to purchase a new nissan auto. I got to your site by mistake. Guess what, I would rather purchase any other make than Nissan just because of their legal bullying here (and I am a lawyer).
Don't give up.
I wish I had known all this before I bought my new pickup! But I will pass on as I have several friends wanting to purchase new cars. 75% were looking at Nissan, Na! 
Mark Murphy
Thank you for enduring against Nissan. I am a middle class, hardworking man and have very little. I can't contribute much as far as money because I'm going to school and can barely make ends meet, but perhaps I can offer my time and energy.
I vow to never purchase a Nissan vehicle. I will explain this story to my sister, who loves Nissan vehicles and encourage her to buy another manufacturer. I truly hope this legal battle hasn't permanently hurt the finances of your family, for your children and grandchildren's sake. 
I just stumbled across this site showing the time line of events and details of the ludicrous actions taken by Nissan Motors against Mr. Nissan. Although I would generally just shrug off something like this and not take time to comment but here I felt a need to express my opinion.
And that opinion is this...
Nissan Motors has displayed behaviors so heinous, vile and disgusting that I will personally NEVER even consider purchasing anything produced by this company ever again. In addition I will exert any personal influence I'm capable of to dissuade any friend, family member or associate from ever doing business with Nissan.
Your actions are utterly repulsive, Nissan, and show what kind of company you truly are.
It's a shame because I previously owned a Maxima that I purchased new in '91. I had nothing but praise for Nissan back than but never would have purchased that vehicle had I known then what I do now.
I can only hope that the current economic climate does your company great harm or with some luck, puts you out of business entirely. I hope each of the members of your legal team find their rightful place to rot upon their hell.
Mr. Nissan,
Situations of oppression like this are very frustrating for people to hear about. I hope things end out well for you and your businesses.
Nissan motors - after seeing how you've reacted to this situation I will NEVER buy a nissan auto, and will spread this story to everyone i know. Imagine if you had offered to buy the domain instead of suing for it. you would have spent less money overall, and you wouldn't be getting the bad PR coverage you are currently receiving. put your money to mutually constructive measures instead of mutually destructive oppression. is this small business seriously a threat to your global market?! And as for the computer trade marking issue - that is just laughable! Nissan is NOT famous for building computers.
Itís time to end the spite. 
I just did a copy & Paste with the piece and article into an email and sent it to my list stating that I will never buy, new or used, a Nissan/Datsun and why. I also wanted to send a message to Nissan Motors on their site, but were asking for info that I won't give to anyone when in a boycott-protest. While I am certain that Mr. Uzi Nissan is due all costs of this effort, he probably won't see a dime while it is still being contested, and the motor corp. can keep this up as long as they have "credit", even if they don't sell anything. The only suggestion I have is for Mr. Nissan to do an International Commercial Claim against Nissan Corp and get a lien placed on any and all assets available.
Thanks for reading. 
I have been a Nissan buyer since I bought my first used "Sentra" in college. I now have an Altima and a Maxima - but after reading the details here, I think I am done buying any Nissan Motor Corporation product - and if I have my way, so will all my friends and acquaintances. I am going to send a link to to all my friends and acquaintances to ensure they get to see the facts.
You could say that I am going to "Shift" out of Nissan Motor products.
Best of luck, Mr. Nissan!
John Miller
There goes the new Nissan I was considering! Why should I support an organization that uses the profits to bully the underdogs in such a despicable manner. 
To Nissan Computer, I say thank you for having the valor to stand up against such a pervasive attack and for sharing it with us. Keep moving forward, and never look back. 
Juan Ortiz
To Uzi Nissan: you, sir, are a man of integrity.
To Nissan Motors & affiliated companies: Didn't they teach you at business school that your name and reputation are a large & vital part of your overall corporate wealth? Why, then, would Nissan risk so much on such an obvious act of corporate bullying? It makes no business sense and annoys everyone to boot. Duh!
P.S. I test-drove a Maxima recently at Davis-Moore Nissan in Wichita, KS. However, make no mistake about it, I will not buy anything (ever) from Nissan because of your disgusting, unethical corporate behavior.
Stephen C.
Mr. Nissan,
Just wanted to let you know that I am in the market for a new car, and it won't be a Nissan. I'm going to forward this link to all of my friends and encourage them to do the same.
Keep fighting the good fight!
This might not seem interesting to you but I want to share it with you anyway. First I want to say that I stumbled upon your site by pure accident. I was looking for the auto-makers website. Here it is, I have a truck a 2007 Trailblazer LT with a lease due. I was looking into other vehicles and the Nissan pathfinder was my number one choice, Although I have seen the vehicle test driven it, I just wanted to go to their site to really finalize my decision by finding the lowest cost with the lowest dealer listed on their site. I just wanted to let you know, as a web developer, a business owner and as an American, I support American businesses.
After reading your story, I want you to know that not only will I tell every person I know about this story and what Nissan has continued to put you through but I will never buy a Nissan product, ever! It is ridiculous what a huge corporate is willing to do to get what they want and how they try to manipulate and over power with their status and money. I understand although Nissan dot com is just a domain name, itís your portal to your business online and it is the principals involved in which they want to violate which is unacceptable. I also wanted to know if it would be okay if I shared this story on multiple websites, I think this is the kind of story everyone should read and know about, it just shows even more why we need to buy American! Please email me and let me know.
Christopher S.
I am a supporter of your cause and this website. It's terrible to think that a major corporation can take over and abuse the small businessman in this great country of ours.
I tried to spread the word of this on and was consequentially banned. I guess even the forums are fascists, even anti-Semitic. Thank you for protecting our rights as American Citizens.
I will never, ever buy a Nissan product in my lifetime.
Mr. Nissan, 
I do not know you, however I stumbled upon your site trying to search for Nissan Motors. I was intending to look at new Nissans. Both for myself and my daughter. Having read your lawsuit info, I was sickened by my own experiences with maneuvering lawyers, unrelenting legal posturing and the like. I went to Nissan Motors website and sent them an email indicating that I will no longer be purchasing their vehicles referencing the treatment they are giving you. I also mentioned to them that I will share this information with others who I know. 
Hang in there. You are right and they know it. 
Donald J. Korte
I bought (and wrecked) a Nissan Titan this month. I am in the market for another one (or was!). I typed in and found Nissan Computer and the large installment of its legal nightmares recounted on the site. I am completely sympathetic to Nissan Computer! Nissan Motor SHOULD have had the insight and certainly had the wherewithal to secure the domain rights when they first became available in 1994 or thereabouts. It isn't cyber squatting when you have run your business with your own name and a better-funded adversary tries to bully you out of your rights as a business owner. Using the legal system of this country as a bludgeon against smaller enterprises is a perversion of the courts and should be strictly prohibited. In this case, Nissan Motor Corp. should offer to pay ALL legal expenses incurred by Nissan Computer and offer them an appropriate value if they wish to secure the domain name.
Now I DO have a problem! I loved my Titan, but I am adamantly against what NMC has apparently tried to do to a legitimate company who simply had the foresight to secure the domain name under which they had been conducting business in the bricks and mortar world. 
Michael R. Murray
Mr. Uzi Nissan,
I have been looking to buy new van's for our company five in total, One thing for sure is that they will not be Nissan, shame on them "Economic Terrorism". Let's see how many cars you sell in Dublin Ireland as this protest is only starting.
Kevin Merton
To Nissan Motor Company (NMC):
I came to the website looking to purchase two cars--one for each of my daughters. At this point, thanks to your actions, I do not care how much I liked my Maxima--I will NEVER buy a Nissan again. In addition, I will now become an "advocate" to anyone that seeks any "armchair quarterback" advice from me on car shopping--to not buy a Nissan.
Congratulations again. I hope you got what you wanted...if not, at least exactly what you deserve. I only hope--that to "add insult to injury--" that Mr. Nissan is somehow able to collect his full attorney fess from you. If the corporate imbeciles (that have probably been excessively bonused and/or promoted for their idiocy) reading this had ANY decency, they would voluntarily pay up! Good riddance NMC.
P.S. Isn't it ironic that the only people that have diluted the NMC mark are the knuckleheads that were behind this lawsuit that couldn't rub two brain cells together to figure out how wrong this was? :o) 
This makes me embarrassed to be 1/2 Japanese and for my father to be a 1/4 French. Almost like Nissan Motors, Huh?
Listen Nissan, get off the French M.O. of doing business. Pay this guy a small amount to have a link to your website. Think of being part of the business community instead of trying to be the bully of it. How many thousands will you spend? Give this dude a small amount and I'm sure he'd be happy to link you in. As it stands, I was looking for Nissan Motor's. I am not going to pursue my search. Honda or Toyota will get my next purchase. Oh, I have to finance, so you lost money on the back end of the deal too.
Nissan Motoro no bakatari ne? Hai, so desu! 
James Horton
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