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Dear Nissan Motor Company,
I am very disheartened to learn of your bullying actions against someone who is not even competing against you. I currently own a Nissan Sentra and have owned two Nissans before that. 
Now, however, I will be forced to look elsewhere for my next automobile unless i learn that Nissan Motor Company has changed their practices and reimbursed Nissan Computer all expenses they incurred in defending themselves or give a good, acceptable reason why you should not do so.
Robert Carson
No new Nissan for me. Doesn't matter if their cars beat Jeep's in a test, I'll opt for other vehicle whose corporate policy is not quite as slimy. 
Rebecca Martin
Iím a mechanic and own 1 nissan and 2 Hondas, and I was going to to research a nissan truck. I found out what they are doing to you and I think Iíll get a ridgeline now. Honda makes a better product anyway I just thought I maybe save some money with a nissan, but looks like Iím going to trade my nissan for a 3rd Honda.
Screw nissan!! 
Ben Dansn
I am an amateur filmmaker and I think this would make a great documentary. I cannot believe that Nissan Motor Company thinks it is SO important to have the perfect URL. Any chance of my EVER buying an automobile from Nissan is gone. One the other hand, my chance of buying a Nissan computer...
Good Luck Uzi.
Grant Bushman
I have been meaning to contact you for a few months now. This summer, I was in the market for a new car. I did not even look at Nissan, but I did go into the Nissan dealer, as it is also the Peguot dealer here in Haifa. When she tried to show me a Nissan, I told her what the company is doing to you and that I refuse to buy from a company that treats the little guy (that's you and me) like garbage. I also told that to a friend of mine who is very tech savvy, who is happy with his Nissan but now won't buy another one.
I just though that you'd like to know that I stood up for you this summer, and put my 105,000 NIS in Ford's pocket instead of Nissan's. And I let the Nissan dealer know why. Good luck with the continuation of the harassment by that company.
Dotan Cohen Ė Israel
After reading about this suit, I will not be purchasing a new Nissan 350Z. You could consider this a $40,000 contribution.
Hang in there! 
Here is a copy of an email I just sent to Nissan North America....
We own a Pathfinder SE and really like it. We were about to buy another one so I went to your site to see options and learned about your vicious lawsuit against Nissan Computer
Trying to drive this small business owner out of business through lawsuits because you covet his domain name is cruel and unfair. It's his name and his business' name, and apparently he was using it before you were called "Nissan". I no longer want to buy another Nissan because I don't want to patronize a company that destroys an individual just to get a domain name. Couldn't you have just taken the money you would have spent on attorneys and offered it to him as payment for the domain? I plan to send this message to Tim Dahle Nissan, where I bought my current Pathfinder and tell my friends why they shouldn't buy a Nissan. I am not associated in any way with Nissan Computer.
Oh, and I checked off that I wasn't a Nissan owner even though I am because your stupid form forced me to write the VIN and didn't want to go look it up. Make that optional. 
Jason Ethington
Great job. I was looking for nissan, instead found you, and I completely agree 100% with your position.
I will not consider a nissan for my new car, after reading this.
Thank you. 
Aaron Woolfson
Dear NMC,
After learning of your legal actions against Nissan Computer, I will not purchase a new Nissan 350z as planned. Your actions are just wrong. 
Keep up the fight. I heard about this around 3 years ago. I've emailed in the past but I want you to know that I still tell this story and everyone agrees the lawsuit and Nissan Motors is in the wrong. Keep up the fight and I have called Nissan and told them I will never buy their cars because of this. 
Ryan Allen
I am in the market for a new car, and was recently offered a good deal on my trade-in through a local dealership which deals with several different auto manufacturers, including Nissan Motor.
I came to this site to find out whether Nissan Motor had anything that would interest me. After discovering this case, I must inform you all that I will no longer consider buying a Nissan. 
Joe Milligan
To whom it may concern,
I reached your site looking for Nissan Motor Company by accident. I read about your lawsuit and I just wanted your company to know that I support your cause. I have since purchased two cars for my computer consulting business in California and I have made it a point to avoid Nissan vehicles. I have also been actively discouraging people around me from purchasing a Nissan also. I just wanted to say that I am glad that your company is still around.
Good luck to you.
David Han
Hello Uzi,
I have just read the details of the outrageous bullying and strong arm tactics of NMC toward you & Nissan Computer. I take heart that there are still some people in the world with the balls to stand up for themselves and fight these corporate bully's, you are to be congratulated.
I drive a Nissan Patrol 4wd, it's a great car, strong, reliable, but when it's time to update I assure you it won't be with a Nissan. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and again I offer my congratulations.
Kelvin Montgomery
I was looking for nissan motors as a first step before I buy one of their cars. After reading about the lawsuit, I will no longer be buying a Nissan. 
Good Luck,
I was going to the nissan car website, so I put "" in my browser. Of course, your site came up instead. I saw your link about your legal battle with Nissan Motors, and it has changed my mind about how I feel about their products. I was interested in a nissan car, but not now or ever again. I applaud you for standing up for your rights, and I canít believe it was even an issue that took the courts so long to mull through. You should have been awarded the domain name and that is that. I am an IT systems engineer in Atlanta, and can certainly sympathies with your plight. Keep up the good work and the good fight. 
Greg Melson
I have to get a new car and when my husband told me about your dilemma, I decided NOT to even bother going to Nissan. I can't believe they can get away with this!
Best wishes to you! 
Hi Uzi,
I have followed your case for a number of years, and because I know what it's like to be unfairly targeted by reverse domain name hijackers (which essentially is what Nissan Motors is), I can honestly tell you that I will never buy a Nissan vehicle. If not for your situation, I would likely be a Nissan customer.
A few months ago, I purchased a new Toyota Tundra after considering different pick-up trucks, and I did not even look at, or consider visiting a Nissan dealership, and I can guarantee that I will never consider buying a Nissan vehicle, in the future, specifically because of their actions to try to rip off your domain.
I would like to offer my support by putting a link from my WEB site to yours referencing the lawsuit. I was getting ready to purchase a Nissan Murano, and will put my plans on hold for now, instead purchasing a Honda Ridgeline. Best of luck, I hope you win. 
Debster Computers
I am very disappointed with Nissan/Datsun motors for trying to force a family owned business that clearly owned the rights of and the overall company name.
I will never buy a Nissan made auto ever. 
Please bring this up to Sean Hannity of Foxnews and his radio talk show. This is outrageous on what the big gorilla is trying to do to the little workingman, so to speak. I'm in the market to replace one of our 3 cars (in fact our 2001 Nissan). You can bet it will not be another Nissan; there are many fine makers of cars/trucks who do not (as far as I know) exhibit this type of behavior. Good luck Uzi, wow, you have 2 great names, well only 1 now, your first name. Do they want you to renounce your family name too? 
John Scott
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